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Doggie Boarding Services

Going on vacation or wanting to let your dog have fun for a few days? Let us take all of your worries away. Bring your dog to Dogs R Dogs. During the day, your dog will be in day care playing and making new friends. At night, your dog will sleep comfortably in its own personal space or private suite with our overnight sleepover service.

We take the stress out of overnight trips by catering to your dog’s every need


What does your doggie do all day? Below is a typical day at Dogs R Dogs for doggie boarding. Doggie day care is included within our doggie boarding. We have fun activities to keep the doggies engaged including but not limited to bubble play, water play and ball time.
7 – 9 AM
Drop off & Pick Up
7 – 9 AM
Boarders get introduced to day care doggies 
9 – 10 AM
10 – 12 PM
12 – 2 PM
Lunch time and Naptime
2 – 7 PM
7 – 8 PM
10 PM
Last potty break
10: 30 PM


We have several convenient options to suit your needs. You may pay each day or purchase a pass to enjoy a bulk discount. Speak to a receptionist today to find the best one for you.
Day care + Boarding
Sleepovers Per Night*
Day care + Private Lofts
Private Lofts Per Night*
*Plus deducting from day care pass, if clients prefer.
**Families that bunk in the same private loft receive a $5 discount per additional pet.
**Dogs staying more than 5 nights require a Mandatory Exit Bath.

What to Bring

We provide food bowls, water bowls, blankets and bedding. Parents may bring the following items:
  • Leash 
  • Collar: We recommend a name tag attached to the collar.
  • Food: Please ensure the food is labeled with your pet’s name and feeding instructions. We recommend packing individual baggies labeled with your pet’s name and preferred feeding time. 
  • *If the pet parent does not provide food, we will feed your pet twice a day with a $5 per feeding charge. 
  • Treats: Please ensure the treats are labeled with your pet’s name and feeding instructions. 
  • Medication (if needed): We recommend keeping the medication in original packaging. We require written administration instructions. We recommend providing pill pockets, cheese or treats to ease medication administration. 
  • Toys or Comfort Items: Please limit to a maximum of 2 items.
*Crates and lofts are used for rest, nap time, boarding and feedings
**For boarding dogs, there is a grace period of two hours for pickup without a day care charge from 7-9 AM on weekdays and 10-12 PM on Saturdays. 

Care You Can Trust

Leaving your dog overnight can be stressful. Dogs R Dogs helps to take the stress off. Call us today to book your pup’s time with us.
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