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We believe an active dog is a happy dog. Dogs need physical activity for them to be happy and healthy, physically and mentally. But what if you’re stuck in the office all day? Busy running errands? Juggling spin class for you, soccer practice for the kids and grocery shopping for the family?

Let us do what we do best. We provide dogs with a variety of activities and give them personal attention as well. As always, we balance fun time with quiet nap time. We provide a healthy, clean, fun and loving environment where your dog can become a healthy and happy dog. You can have peace of mind knowing your furry pet is being taken care of at Dogs R Dogs.

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What does your doggie do all day? Below is a typical day at Dogs R Dogs. We have fun activities to keep the doggies engaged including but not limited to bubble play, water play and ball time.
7 – 9 AM
9 – 12 PM
12 – 2 PM
2 – 5 PM
5 – 7 PM


We have several convenient options to suit your needs. You may pay each day or purchase a pass to enjoy a bulk discount. Speak to a receptionist today to find the best one for you.
Single Visit
5-Day Pass
10-Day Pass
20-Day Pass
30-Day Pass
Saturday or Half-Day
One Month Pass*
*Unlimited day care for one calendar month 
** All dogs are required to complete a $36 evaluation prior to attending our day care or sleepovers. The evaluation is a minimum of four hours to assess your pet’s temperament. 
** All passes expire within one year, except for the one month pass from the date of purchase.
** Half Day is six hours or less of day care. 
** Clients will incur a late fee for late pick-ups after closing hours. 
*Crates and lofts are used for rest, nap time, boarding and feedings.
**For boarding dogs, there is a grace period of two hours for pickup without a day care charge from 7-9 AM on weekdays and 10-12 PM on Saturdays. 

Rely on Houston’s Premiere Doggie Day Care

We ensure that your dog gets personal attention and loving care. Call us today to make arrangements. 
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